Enhancing the safety, security and efficiency of I-75 in Southwest Florida

  • ITS encompasses a broad range of electronic and wireless communications-based information and control technologies. These devices and software programs are used to monitor and manage traffic flow, reduce congestion, provide traveler information, enhance efficiency and increase safety.

    The statewide ITS program is called “SunGuide” and the central Transportation Management Center (TMC) software application used in the SWIFT Center is called the “SunGuide software.” This software is used in all Regional TMCs enabling all Centers in the state to communicate with one another.

    The SWIFT SunGuide Center monitors and operates a variety of field devices to collect and disseminate information.

  • Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) along I-75 provide SWIFT Center operators live views of traffic conditions. Operators can spot incidents as they happen, coordinate emergency response and highway assistance as needed and program incident information for dissemination on message signs, and the 511 phone and fl511.com systems.

    Vehicle Detection Sensors (VDS) use microwave radar to measure the volume and speed of vehicles along I-75 and informs operators of traffic back-ups. Having this information enables operators to post delay information on DMSs, and redirect cameras to investigate if the cause of congestion is not evident.

  • Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) give motorists information on traffic conditions, travel times, warnings and alerts. Safety messages or typical travel times are posted when the highway is incident-free.

    The Road Weather Information System (RWIS) provides information on weather conditions, such as wind speed, visibility and precipitation that can affect travel safety and traffic flow. Having this information allows operators to notify drivers of dangerous weather conditions and efficiently allocate resources to handle incidents.

    The Safety Barrier Cable System (SBCS) on the Alligator Alley section of I-75 alerts operators to crashes when vehicles run off the road and into the barrier. As the crash breaks the cable contact, a nearby strobe light is activated and crash location information is transmitted to the SWIFT Center within seconds.