Enhancing the safety, security and efficiency of I-75 in Southwest Florida

  • Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is about people and technology working together to minimize the duration of traffic incidents, improve traffic flow and promote safety for motorists and responders alike.

    As a motorist, there are critical safety laws to help prevent secondary accidents. The Move Over Law requires you to move one lane away when approaching parked emergency or law enforcement vehicles along the interstate as soon as it’s safe to do so. If you can’t safely move over, you must slow down to 20 MPH below the posted speed limit unless directed otherwise by law enforcement.

    The Move It Law requires people who have been in accidents involving only property damage to move their cars themselves, whenever possible, off the roadway.

  • The Florida Department of Transportation and Florida Highway Patrol have an “Open Roads Policy” to try to clear all incidents within 90 minutes. This requires teamwork between law enforcement, fire rescue, towing and recovery, HAZMAT, FDOT maintenance, public information, traffic media, and the SWIFT SunGuide Center operations staff. FDOT has formed TIM Teams that meet regularly to discuss incident management policies and procedures and share lessons learned.

  • The Road Rangers are a critical part of the TIM Team. They provide free highway assistance services during incidents to reduce delay and improve safety for the motoring public and responders. Their services include clearing disabled vehicles and debris from travel lanes, assisting with jump-starts and tire changes, and making minor repairs. Road Rangers also help with maintaining safety and traffic flow around incident scenes.

    Road Ranger Hours of Operation